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Entering a luxury hotel room makes us happy! The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, the beds are fluffy and the materials are perfectly matched. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take that entire room with you and have it unpacked at home?! Well, we have good news: you can. We spent over 15 years of designing private home as well as hotel bedrooms and would like to share some ideas on how to apply that nice hotel feeling in your own bedroom.

This hotel room is based on relaxation and tranquillity.

Stick to a style
Of course there are different types of impressive hotel rooms. The soothing sea theme room, the Algarvian blue & white room, the luxury spa style room … choose your favourite and look up lots of inspirational images (Pinterest is a great platform you can use for free). Then simply pick the colour palette and the materials used from your inspiration images. If you mix, this often leads to flutter and so you miss the mark. Therefore determine your atmosphere before you start.

Bed is king
A good bed is of course a must if you are creating a hotel-worthy bedroom. Take a moment to find the perfect bed. Because of the heat In the Algarve, it is wise to have a breathable mattress with individual pocket springs and memory foam top for extra comfort. You know you’ve found it if you really don’t want to get out during the test run. For the look and feel of your headboard and bed base, take a look at your inspirational images.

Everything in its place
Luxury hotel rooms are almost always equipped with sufficient closet space. This is because lying clothes and other knickknacks create a lot of disturbance. Try to store as much stuff as possible behind doors in your own hotel-inspired bedroom. Beside a built-in closet a chest of drawers, a dressing table or a tallboy will help to keep you organised. Bedside tables with drawers also work well. Take a good look at your inspiration images to determine the material and colour.

Bring in the luxury
Add a beautiful mix of cushions that make you feel overwhelmed with joy and smile every time you see them. White linen adds to the hotel experience. And a matching bed throw at the bed-end finishes the look. If you really want to create a 5 star bedroom add wall paper, a soft rug, an end-of-the-bed bench or a comfy chair or chaise-longe.

End with symmetrical styling
When the basics are in, it is time to finish up the atmosphere. Do not go overboard with accessories. Choose a number of large items and style them as symmetrically as possible. Symmetry contributes nicely to the relaxing atmosphere that many hotel rooms have. For example, think of two large paintings, elegantly framed mirror, striking bedside table lamps, candles and a luxurious silk-flower arrangement.

Become a test sleeper!
A nice way to know if your bedroom is fully ready to invite your guests is to be your own test/sleeper. Pretend you’re going on holiday! Pack yourself a suitcase and stay the night. Is there enough light to read in bed? Is there a place to sit and relax? Does the room feel decluttered? Is the bed comfortable and is the duvet right for the season?

More bedroom inspiration?
Looking for more inspiration on designing your own hotel-like bedroom? Check out some of our finished bed rooms or come have a look in our Studio Shop and talk with one of our Design Managers. They have designed and decorated over a 150 hotel quality bedrooms last year.

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