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Complete Care

Let’s start your project below. Together, we bring to life your ideas and stay within your budget.

Follow these Easy Steps

1. Prepare

2. Decide

3. Create

4. Enjoy

1. Prepare with a Checklist

Choose a checklist to organise what you need per room.

Choose our checklist and fill the form.


These are for complete interiors, based on our 20+ years of experience and over 3000 residential installations.
For your specific requirements, contact us and we will give you a budget range for your property on the spot.

Our Standard products are good quality items that have been approved and tested by our clients and together realise a basic and complete interior that is both durable and appealing.


€5.000 – €6.500

Sitting Room

€7.500 – €10.000

Dining Room

€4.000 – €7.000


€1.000 – €2.000

Our Comfort products are good quality items that have slightly more choice in finishes, colour and use of different fabrics. These upgrades will together give a more personal, comfortable and upscale interior.


€6.500 – €8.000

Sitting Room

€10.000 – €15.000

dining Room

€7.000 – €12.000


€2.000 – €4.000

Our Premium products are excellent quality items that have a slightly more intricate finish, more customization and more exclusive fabrics. This gives our clients a more up-market interior.


€8.000 – €10.500

Sitting Room

€15.000 – €20.000

Dining Room

12.000€ – 15.000€


4.000€ – 8.000€

Our Deluxe products are high-quality items that have intricate and detailed finishes with more luxurious fabrics and details. These key elements bring together a more luxurious, one-of-a-kind, exquisite interior.


Upon Request

Sitting Room

Upon Request

Dining Room

Upon Request


Upon Request

All Prices in Euros Excl. VAT – Terms & Conditions apply.

3. How we Create

Based on the checklist, budget range and your brief we begin our creative work.

Your Brief

Tell us your needs and style so we are able to get a clear picture of what you require.


Before starting we do a home visit to ensure we have accurate dimensions of the space.​

Deposit Agreement

We ask a design deposit deductible from the products you buy. So actually we design for FREE.

2D Plans

If required we create a two-dimensional plan of the design layout to ensure the best configuration.

Samples and Sourcing

With thousands of samples on hand, we work with you to make the best choice for your vision.

Furniture Testing

Our impressive showroom allows you to try out the pieces of furniture, so you can experience the comfort and quality first hand.

Mood Boards

We create mood boards to give you a better idea of what your interior will look and feel like.

Detailed Proposal

Your project proposal will include detailed images and unit costs to ensure everything is up to specification.

4. Enjoy the Result

Along every step of the way, you can trust in our experience to ensure the successful delivery of your project.


We can take care of ordering chosen and finishing items for your project.


After receiving your downpayment, all orders are finalised.

Quality Control

Every item is thoroughly inspected to ensure it passes our stringent quality standards.​


In our warehouse each item is individually registered and tracked using an advanced inventory system.


We guarantee a “white-glove” delivery of your complete order on the day of installation.


Items that require installation are fitted by our dedicated installation team.


Any old furniture can be removed FREE of charge and put to good use at various charities that we support.​


We attend to every detail so that you arrive to a home that’s completely ready to be enjoyed.

residential Questions & Answers

Here you can find questions concerning how to start a new project, how we work, fees & more.

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