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Terms & Conditions 
This document contains the Terms & Conditions of Quinta Style Property Services, Lda based in Estrada de Vale de Éguas 30, 8135-033, Almancil with the fiscal number NIPC: 506.935.493, and it governs the client’s relationship with services and products supplied by Quinta Style Property Services, Lda, from now on known as Quinta Style.
When using or buying our services or products, you have agreed to these terms & conditions or have otherwise informed us in advance about matters you would like to discuss before the use or purchase.

Quinta Style is an interior design company that helps our clients by selling products and providing services. We have a design team at our studio/shop and a support and administration team at our logistics centre.
When we work with third-party suppliers, we are never responsible for their services, deeds, or products, except when agreed otherwise.

Technical drawings & designs
All technical drawings, such as plans, mood boards, proposals, 2D or 3D designs, are intellectual property of Quinta Style and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without Quinta Style’s written permission.
Use of design and concepts provided by QS to execute works by a third party without prior notification of the provider constitutes an infringement of copyrights under Portuguese law.

Colours & Sizes
We take care to be sure that all product information and colours are correct. Due to the limitations of any photography, it is possible that not all goods shown are the exact colour. This is also a possibility for products & brochures supplied by third parties.
We cannot ensure that all items sold are 100% similar to the photographs or sample products in our Studio/Shop. This is because they are not mass-produced. They can also be handmade and / or made from natural materials. Small variations in colour and size may occur.

In order to execute our work properly, Quinta Style creates and presents proposals with images of products, measurements and prices. These documents are coded with an “so1-project-###” reference.
After the customer has received the proposals in-hand or by email, they are valid for 30 days. After this period, Quinta Style has the right to review the values and delivery times, renewing the above-mentioned details, including the validity period of 30 days.
To agree to a proposal, Quinta Style requests a (down-) payment. Upon receipt of the first payment, the proposal will automatically turn into a contract. A contract is coded with a “pr-project-###” reference.
For every (down-) payment received, Quinta Style will issue an invoice, within 5 days of receipt.
In order to comply with Portuguese law, the customer can provide their tax details prior to issuing an invoice.

Any item on a contract is subject to availability.
We will inform a buyer as soon as possible if a product or service is not available. We then suggest an alternative product or service as a replacement.
Any agreement made between the clients and Quinta Style needs to be finalized in-full by both parties before the contract ends, except when agreed otherwise.
A contract or item on a contract can be cancelled. Acceptance by Quinta Style depends upon each individual situation. Therefore, any product or service that is part of the contract will be taken into consideration separately. 
A normal period for a service contract is as per the agreed period in that document.

Prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate in Portugal. All Studio/Shop products and materials are normally priced, including VAT.
Individual items in proposals and contracts are mentioned excluding VAT, while the total of the proposals and contracts are including VAT.
We reserve the right to alter prices at any time. It may be necessary to change prices either up or down from time to time, including any alterations to the rate of VAT.

Payment conditions:
We accept most debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers and cash up to €3000.

Stock purchases at the shop

  • 100% payment for the stock products.

Bespoke purchases within the shop

  • 100% payment of the total value

       or alternatively

  • 60 % of the total value as a down payment and the remaining 40% of the payment will be asked latest 8 weeks after the first payment has been received.
When this payment is received, the delivery will be scheduled.

Purchases in a project with our interior Design Service

  • 60% of the total value as a down payment.
  • 40% of the remaining payment will be asked latest 8 weeks after the first payment has been received.
When this payment is received, the delivery will be scheduled.

If applicable the design deposit is also deducted within this final payment.


Design Deposit 

Quinta Style asks an interior design deposit to make the design of our client’s property with all the items and prices to create the look that has been suggested. This deposit paid for at the start of the project will be 100% deducted when all the items are installed and Quinta Style requests the last payment for the delivery of the goods.  

In case the client needs some extra support with the making of choices concerning tiles, paint colours etc. the deposit will be used to deduct the service-hours used. The price is €60 per hour, including VAT. 

If the client doesn’t like the Design concept that was created or for some other unforeseen reason the client doesn’t want to go ahead with the project Quinta Style will issue a voucher for stock purchases for the amount paid. 


The vouchers Quinta Style emits are valid for 6 months from the date they were issued and can only be used in one purchase.  

After the proposals have been approved, the client will be sent a (down-) payment request. Orders will be placed upon receipt of such a (down-) payment.

A normal period for the production of goods is between 8 and 10 weeks after a (down-) payment is received by Quinta Style. If any changes occur during this period, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. We can never be held responsible or liable for delays or cancellations of products and services bought via Quinta Style, as well as any related incurred costs due to such delays or cancellations.

The value of transportation is always available in the proposal, but can also be mentioned via email.
Any order for delivery outside the Algarve is sold Ex-works. Which means that extra transportation and insurance costs may apply to the client, except when agreed otherwise.

We carry insurance for normal warehousing and are only responsible for the covered items mentioned in this insurance.

We arrange warehouse space until the moment of installation is agreed, normally within 10 weeks after a down payment is received, and can hold the products longer for a maximum period of 30 calendar days.

If the client is not ready to receive the products within this period, Quinta Style has the right to:

  • Receive 100% of the contract value.
  • Ask the clients to arrange another warehouse location and insurance.
  • Arrange another warehouse location, for which the client then needs to pay in full.

The latter will only be done after the client has received the request in writing to organise another warehousing location. The period for organising the new warehouse location by the client should be within 30 calendar days after the 1st request is sent by email to the client or its representative. The goods will be released when the full contract payment is received by Quinta Style.

We will only use this clause for organisational reasons to enable us to support warehousing for other clients.

For each item purchased that requires installation, the respective value will be individually indicated. Quinta Style is not responsible for the transport and/or installation of items for which this service has not been pre-paid by the customer.
Any transport or installation within the Algarve will always be conducted by or accompanied by a properly identified member of the Quinta Style team.
Quinta Style can refuse to fulfil an installation if the 30% payment has been requested, but not yet received.

To access the customer’s home, whether to rectify measurements or to schedule the installation, the customer will be notified.

We always check the accuracy of the information on our website or that of any third-party supplier’s websites. However, we cannot guarantee that such information is mistake-free, has inaccuracies, or typological errors.
Quinta Style cannot accept any liability for a failure to comply with instructions specifically stated on the website, in their Studio/Shop, in an information document of their own or from a third-party supplier.
We have a responsibility insurance which we use for our staff or other situations that are covered under this insurance. We can never be held responsible for any other matter that is not covered by this insurance.   

Our items have a 3-year production/factory warranty for materials and goods. It does not imply misuse of products.

In the event that the customer wishes to borrow decorative items or furniture pieces to verify at home, a full payment needs to be made. When returning the items within 2 days and without damage, the value will be returned in full. Borrowing can never be done without prior written approval by Quinta Style.
When borrowing sample-materials like catalogues, hangers, or books, they need to be returned the next day, and if damaged or not returned, the cost of the sample will be charged accordingly.

Exchanges & Returns
Quinta Style accepts exchanges and returns only for decorative items. Decorative items must be returned without any damage and in the condition that they were sold. The deadline for exchanges or returns is 15 days upon presentation of the respective invoice/receipt. Any bespoke item, as well as linens, towels, mattresses, and toppers, cannot be exchanged or returned. Products purchased with a discount or promotional offer are considered final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. Returns or exchanges are only possible for regular-priced products.

Jurisdiction & Applicable Legislation

These Terms and Conditions, as well as any matter arising out of, or related to, the Terms and Conditions, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese legislation and the jurisdictional courts of Loulé, Portugal, which will have exclusive jurisdiction over any demand or issue arising out of, or related to, these Terms and Conditions.

The management of Quinta Style Property Services, Lda – NIF:506935493 – October 2023 

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