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Ensure that the piece of furniture you love will fit into your home.

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We want to make sure that your purchase will fit into your home.

This guide will assist you in measuring your area so that our installations team can get your purchase in through any access points and into its desired place.

1. Your Purchase

Firstly, write down the measurements of your purchased items.

These can be found on the product page, in the product specifications.

2. Your Property

A) Parking

Is there a space we can park near the entrance of your property? Our delivery van(s) will need to be parked close by to successfully deliver your items.

B) Front Door/Point of Entry

Next, let’s consider the measurements of all the areas your purchase must pass through on the way to its new position in your home.

First and foremost, will your purchase pass through the front door/ point of entry? In order to check this, take the inside of the doorframe’s narrowest measurement, as well as the height, as it may be able to pass through at an angle.

Remember to take note of potential obstacles including radiators, shelving, skirting boards, and light fixtures.
As long as the widths at the narrowest points are at least 3cm-5cm greater than the height of your items, then you’re good to go.

C) Hallway

The next areas to consider are hallway(s) and internal doors.
Concentrate on the narrowest points and make sure not to forget to consider radiators, pipes, and any other potential obstacles that can’t be moved.
The height of your chosen items must be at least 3cm-5cm less than these dimensions.

D) Stairs

If the use of stairs is required, ensure to measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point (remember to account for any railings or light fixtures), where, as long as the width of the stairs is greater than the height of your purchase, then it should fit. If there are any curves to consider, ensure that the width is sufficient to succesfully manoeuvre your purchase.

If your purchase has to be lifted over any bannisters, make sure the space between the bannisters and the ceiling is more than the depth of your purchase. Once you’ve reached the top of the stairs, double-check that there’s enough room on the landing for the delivery team to manoeuvre your purchase into its desired location.

E) Lift

Is there a lift in your building that we’ll use to access your property? If this is the case, the width, height and depth of the open-door of lift must be taken note of to ensure that it can reach where it needs to go. As long as these measurements are at least 3cm-5cm larger than the furniture dimensions, it will fit in the lift.

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