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Complete Commitment

Elevate your guest experiences and get the most for your budget.

Our Promise to You

1. Prepare

2. Decide

3. Create

4. Commitment

1. Prepare with a Checklist

We have developed checklists which are an excellent way to decide exactly what needs to be achieved on a project.

Choose our checklist and fill the form.


We are dedicated in finding the best Interior Design Solutions for any budget and business plan.

The below budget ranges are for new and complete interiors based on our experience and can be used as a guideline to start your brief. Different budget ranges can be combined to create your preferred design solutions.

For your specific requirements, invite us or call us and we will give you a budget range for your hotel & resort.

Emphasized on furniture re-use and style improvements such as wallpapers, cushions, etc. allowing an immediate renewal of the areas.


750€ – 1.250€

Sitting Room

1.750€ – 2.750€


1.250€ – 2.250€

Creating areas where all your basic needs are fulfilled. These designs are based on durable, appealing and budget sensible solutions.
Suitable for bedroom size up to 12m2 and living / suites up to 15m2.


2.500€ – 3.500€

Sitting Room

6.000€ – 7.500€


5.500€ – 7.000€

Creating areas where good quality products are used with slightly more customisation and choices in finishes, colours and materials. This will give a more personal, comfortable and upscale interior.
Suitable for bedroom size up to 15m2 and living / suites up to 20m2.


3.500€ – 5.000€

Sitting Room

7.500€ – 9.500€


7.000€ – 9.000€

Creating areas with excellent quality products with more intricate finishes and customization with exclusive materials to get an up-market interior.
Suitable for bedroom size up to 20m2 and living / suites up to 30m2.


5.000€ – 7.000€

Sitting Room

9.500€ – 12.000€


9.000€ – 11.500€

Full bespoke areas with high-quality products that have intricate and detailed finishes with more luxurious materials. These key elements bring together a Boutique and exquisite design.

Suitable for bedroom size up to 30m2 and living / suites up to 40m2. With spacious bedrooms, with amenities of superior quality & extra seating facilities, dressing, etc.


On Request

Sitting Room

On Request


On Request

All Prices in Euros excl. VAT – Terms & Conditions apply.

3. Creation of Inviting Ideas & Proposals

Creation of stunning designs. That’s what we do.
Already for 15+ years, as a provider of Interior Design services for the Hospitality Industry.


A briefing session at our studio or your premises will ensure we understand your requests.

2D & 3D Plans

Our ideas will be visualized with 2D's & 3D´s.

Touch and Feel Studio

The creation turns into reality through Portfolios, Mood boards, Hotel fabric samples and finishes.

Furniture Samples & Pre-production

Before final production samples, lighting, furniture pieces are ordered and tested.

4. Complete Commitment

We are dedicated to find the best FF&E Solutions for your Budget and Business plan.
We are used to working on a multiple year planning schedule to avoid sales disruptions.

Align with your Budget & Business plan

We are committed to never deviating from a specified budget. There are no hidden costs involved with anything that is quoted on.

Multiple Year Agreement

Our systems help to keep an eye on all the differences per area per year for a complete overview of requirements.


All orders will be stored in our secure warehouse until delivery is scheduled.

Delivery on Demand

All orders are received, checked & prepared for individual area delivery and installation.

Installation & Decoration

We work to provide a turnkey service that includes installation and decoration, all done to the highest of standards and on time.

Training & Support

We can train your staff and keep record of all item-details accessible through our help desk service.

* FF&E refers to movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building.

Commercial Questions & Answers

Here you can find questions concerning how to start a new project, how we work, fees & more.

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